DELIVERY TO OUR NAMED AREAS  Included. The amazing Mad Hatter returns this year with a few tweaks and some stunning additions.   SANDWICHES: Three Cheese Savoury with Homemade Chutney in Seeded Batch, Tuna pate in Brioche Bun, Wiltshire ham and Mustard Mayo in Wholemeal Bread SAVOURIES: Mini Gourmet Sausage Roll SCONES: Smoked Montrary Jack Cheese, Orange and Eldeflower with Homemade Jam and Clotted Cream DESSERTS: Tweedle Dee lemon Eclaire, Valencian Orange Truffle Log, Don't be Late French Macaron, Key Lime Posset with Edible Soil and ShortBread Leaf, Strawberry Jammy Dodger, Handmade Sherbet Lollipop, Drink Me Potion  ALLERGY INFORMATION: WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE SPECIFIC ALLERGIES OR SENSITIVITES AS ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE NUTS, DAIRY AND GLUTEN ARE USED.



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