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Wedding and Celebration Cakes

Planning your wedding? Let us help!


Your wedding matters to us and before you take those vows, you'll find that we'll commit to some promises to you. We'll promise to listen to and respect your wishes to ensure that the look and taste of your cake is perfect in every way possible. After all, those photos will remain in your album for a long, long time and our aim is that our contribution, makes you smile every time you look at it..

Whatever the occasion, our cakes help to celebrate what is great about your loved ones. Whether it's a long list of specific things you'd like included or a string of memories down to the smallest detail you'd like recreated, we'll do our best to create a beautifully cohesive design that is completely unique as well as delicious.

Exact copies of certificates, book covers, posters, photographs and much much more: all are possible through our in-house graphic design and edible printing facilities. The only limit is the imagination.

Simply pop a message across to us via the 'Enquire' link and we'll

get back to you as soon as we can


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